Lots of times when I’m walking, I can sense someone walking up behind me or next to me so their partner in crime can snap a shot without having to ask me. But at that point, they’re walking at my pace and they’ll try to keep it up so as to be less obvious. So I’ll only walk faster just to have fun with them (it’s the little things)… I had that feeling when walking down the main path around the lake and took a quick turn on a smaller sidewalk right next to the water. As soon as I did, I heard this group of girls complain that I had given up the game. As I looked back at them, I decided to raise my camera and wave it, international sign language for “Picture?” They literally squealed with delight and ran over to where I was, demanding a man sitting on a bench get up to take the picture for everyone. My ego didn’t need this. But I like it, anyway. 🙂